Ex Scientia United Kingdom

Based on the ground breaking Nature publication ‘Automated design of ligands to polypharmacological profiles’ and with several commercial collaborations underway ex scientia is the first company to develop a systematic approach to tailoring drugs against polypharmacology profiles for superior clinical efficacy. We are exploiting our advanced technologies to develop compounds with tailored selectivity and in particular a portfolio of efficacious bispecific drugs.

Our bispecific design technology delivers efficacious small molecule drugs binding novel target combinations, either within or between gene families. By hitting multiple nodes in the cellular network simultaneously better clinical efficacy can be achieved.

Non-specific, promiscuous interactions with undesired proteins frequently cause drug toxicity and adverse effects. Our tailored selectivity technology can be applied to the discovery of drug candidates with desired selectivity, thereby reducing side effects and toxicity.

Advances in phenotypic screening are opening new ways to deliver improved medicines. Our phenotypic design technologies can generate and optimise effective molecules using high content phenotypic data without prior consideration of the targets. 

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Dr Denise Barrault
Chief Commercial Officer 
Dr Mark Swindells
Chief Operating Officer